Strengthening the U.S. Economy

The strength and future health of the U.S. economy depends on mining, which provides the building blocks for the everyday American experience.

If you have turned on a light, entered a building, driven on a road, made a phone call, used a computer, or visited a doctor, then mining is part of your life.

Mining provides essential power and materials for nearly every industry and consumer product, and supplies low-cost, reliable fuel for homes and businesses across the country.

Mining supports nearly two million high-paying jobs and contributes to economic activity in every state.

Member Feature Story

Uranium Mines Go Into Production

The lifecycle of a mine is long, often with decades of preparation before production begins, so it is an occasion worth celebrating when mining successfully begins production. In December, it was announced that Energy Fuels commenced production at three of its permitted and developed uranium mines in... Read More

Strengthening the U.S. Economy

New Mines for Indiana

The reopening of mines paves the way for increased production and new employment, particularly in small communities. This is why we celebrate Hallador Energy’s restarting of the Freelandville surface mine and beginning new work on the Prosperity mine, both in Indiana. Reclamation efforts are beginning... Read More

Cobalt Mining in Idaho

The economy relies on secure supply chains for the materials needed for manufacturing, national defense and more, and those supply chains are most reliable when we can source from here in the U.S. Cobalt is no exception. Fortunately, Jervois Global has begun commissioning its Idaho Cobalt Operations... Read More

Mine Expansion in Indiana and Illinois

Alliance Resource Partners, L.P. recently announced plans to expand production at its Gibson South Mine in Indiana and a development unit at the Hamilton mine in Illinois. The expansions will make way for additional coal production, which  are sorely needed given rising demand. The Gibson South Mine... Read More

New Mine and New Jobs

Lithium Americas’ Thacker Pass mine in Nevada recently received approval for its state permits, bringing it one step closer to operations. U.S. mines are subject to numerous state and federal permits, and the permitting process can take a decade, or longer. Permitting delays are an enormous problem,... Read More

Heritage Fund at Nevada Gold Mines

In December 2020 Nevada Gold Mines (NGM) launched the Heritage Fund, a new charitable workplace giving program. Along with the launch the company provided an initial $25 gift to each of its 7,000 employees to donate to a non-profit of their choosing. Within its first year, over $780,000 was donated to... Read More