Cobalt Mining in Idaho

The economy relies on secure supply chains for the materials needed for manufacturing, national defense and more, and those supply chains are most reliable when we can source from here in the U.S.

Cobalt is no exception. Fortunately, Jervois Global has begun commissioning its Idaho Cobalt Operations mine site (ICO), and is expecting production to begin in early 2023. Once it has begun production, ICO will be the only primary cobalt mine within the United States and is projected to support around 180 jobs on the mine site in addition to many more jobs in the surrounding region. Jervois has invested in an accommodation camp providing workforce flexibility that has allowed for expanding the workforce pool both locally and regionally.

Cobalt is essential to our modern way of life, particularly for use in batteries, magnets and metal alloys. This makes the cobalt supply chain crucial for numerous industries, including the automotive, defense and construction industries. To protect against an overreliance of foreign cobalt and secure our economic infrastructure, we must support domestic projects for extraction. Jervois Global is committed to a low impact, underground mining method to promote sustainability and is committed to exploring the expansion and extension potential of Idaho Cobalt Operations to further secure our nation’s supply chains.