Exploratory Mining Companies

The National Mining Association (NMA) represents all phases of mining. Given the vital role that mining plays in providing the materials required for the technologies and energy sources of the future, and for virtually every consumer product, there has been a surge in companies in the exploration, prospecting, discovery, assessment and early production phases of development.

New technologies, process refining, recycling and other mineral processing innovations are expanding the definition of a traditional mining company. Those new companies, and companies that are diversifying their offerings and further contributing to the domestic supply chain, are also welcome as members at the NMA.

The NMA’s extensive resources are designed to support mining companies in the early phases of development and leading up to mineral/metal production – we term these companies “resource developers.” The NMA’s team of deeply experienced lobbyists, attorneys, regulatory and communications experts can serve as an extension of the internal staff at these growing companies.

As they explore new land for untapped mineral resources, the NMA can help with permitting and, if questions arise with local and state government, the NMA can assist or support the regulatory process, by providing comments or guidance.

Often new and developing mining companies need expert advice and reassurance navigating the federal bureaucracy and help making contacts within federal agencies. Whether it be on an environmental or public land-related issue, or specific to a grant opportunity, the NMA helps resource developers resolve questions through what can be a complex process. Additionally, we support our member companies in navigating and comprehending the ever-changing regulatory environment.

The NMA is the only national trade organization that serves as the voice of the U.S. mining industry, telling the unique and compelling stories of untapped domestic mining resources and opportunities, and what’s next in the mining industry. Additionally, we offer our members extensive marketing and communications resources with company-specific consulting and support.

We know companies in earlier phases of development have unique and changing needs. To continue to develop and expand the way we support this ever-changing segment of our membership, the NMA is forming a Resource Developer Working Group. The working group will offer networking, while also discussing and suggesting member benefits, expertise and resources.

If your company is in the early phases of mining, we welcome your participation in the NMA.

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