NMA Welcomes Repeal of the Costly Power Plan

Repealing this costly rule closes chapter of regulatory overreach that set standards without regard to the steep costs or availability of technology necessary to meet them.

New Video: Are We Taking Reliable Electricity for Granted

Valuing baseload coal and nuclear power is key to a resilient and reliable energy grid.

NMA Exposes Deep Flaws in EPA’s 2017 Financial Assurance Rule

NMA documents agency’s “abject failure” to comply with the Superfund Law, examine modern mining practices or properly weigh existing state and federal requirements.

NMA Welcomes Proposal to Axe Illegal WOTUS Rule

A welcome correction to a deeply problematic regulation that ignored the careful balance between federal and state water regulation.

Economic Contributions of Mining

New analysis of the impact of mining is now available, offering state-by-state details on everything from jobs, contributions to GDP, coal and minerals production, and electricity generation.

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LinkedIn Blog: Manufacturing Month Depends on U.S. Mining

Each October, leaders across the manufacturing supply chain mark Manufacturing Month. It is a time to reflect on the state of American-made goods, economic health and to prepare for challenges to come. In recent years, efforts to reshore U.S. jobs and facilities have led to a manufacturing renaissance.... Read More

National Mining Association Welcomes Repeal of the Costly Power Plan

National Mining Association (NMA) President and CEO Hal Quinn today issued this statement following reports of the administration’s plans to repeal the Clean Power Plan: “As reported, Administrator Pruitt will signal a decisive break with past policies that have used regulation of doubtful legality... Read More

Mining For Our Future

Innovative technologies made possible through and employed by mining are providing the mineral and energy resources essential for a better life and a better future.

Strengthening the U.S. Economy

The strength and future health of the U.S. economy depends on mining, which provides the building blocks for the everyday American experience.

Maintaining Energy Security

Mining powers America, from the fuels that feed our energy grid to the metals that carry power to our homes and businesses. Coal and minerals play a key role in every stage of energy delivery.

Supporting America's Infrastructure

From foundations to roofs, power plants to wind farms, roads to bridges—America’s infrastructure projects begin with mining.

Enhancing National Security

In uncertain times, U.S. mining provides essential elements for safeguarding our nation.

Improving Mine Safety and Health

The safety and health of our workers and colleagues is a core value of the mining industry.

Developing Resources Responsibly

Natural resources are at the heart of mining, therefore good environmental stewardship is an industry imperative and a core requirement. Mining and its employees are at the center of our communities, underscoring our commitment to being good neighbors wherever we operate.

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