Enhancing National Security

In uncertain times, U.S. mining provides essential elements for safeguarding our nation.

Despite being home to one of the world’s leading minerals reserves, cumbersome permitting processes contribute to the U.S. remaining import-dependent for 46 key metals and minerals –100 percent import-dependent for 17 of those. Import reliance subjects our supply chains to geopolitical instability and supply disruption.

Our Armed Forces rely on domestic metals and minerals for sophisticated weapons systems and safe transport of our troops. Our abundant supplies of metals and minerals minimize our reliance on foreign countries for these vital resources used in tanks, aircraft carriers, jets and submarines.

For example, beryllium is used to reduce weight and improve guidance performance in fighter jets and NASA technologies such as the mirrors on the James Webb Space Telescope. And metals such as copper, lead and nickel are used in military gear, weapons systems and other defense technologies.

America’s security depends on our ability to access and utilize the domestic energy and minerals resources that are abundant in the U.S.

Member Feature Story

U.S. Cobalt Mining for Defense

Cobalt is necessary in the defense industry for its use in munitions and high-temperature aerospace alloys, as well as high-capacity batteries. It’s important to source cobalt here in the U.S. to secure our supply and ensure it is mined with the highest standards in mind. Over 80 percent of all cobalt... Read More

Enhancing National Security

Defense Production Act for Critical Minerals

Minerals are the building blocks behind nearly every industry, and it’s crucial we mine domestically for the resources we need, particularly for our defense industry. That’s why the U.S. Department of Defense has awarded Perpetua Resources $24.8 million under Title III of the Defense Production Act and... Read More

World Class Rare Earths Resource

Rare earths are a hot topic, and for good reason: they have numerous, critical uses, including in aerospace and defense applications. Fortunately, one of the World’s top 10 rare earths projects is in the U.S. Mining Intelligence put American Rare Earths’ Halleck Creek project as number five on its top... Read More

Nickel in Defense

There are many metals and minerals needed for our national defense, and one of them is nickel. Nickel can be used in steel, and this has been used for armor plating in tanks and anti-aircraft firearms. In addition, nickel is used in military batteries for propulsion and storage. So while the push for... Read More