Mining for Every Season

Mining was in the forefront of just about every policy discussion in 2022. To those in our industry, this doesn’t come as a surprise. The cornerstone of our economy, domestic mining secures supply chains, enhances national security, enables the technologies of the future, and keeps the lights on in our... Read More

Steadfast Service for U.S. Energy Needs

The U.S. is facing an impending reliability crisis as we head into the cold months of winter, but there’s a reliable power source we can mine right here in the U.S: coal is a reliable and affordable source of energy and is an important piece of an all-of-the-above energy policy to ensure power to heat... Read More

Electronics for a Modern Military

In the first nine months of 2021, global consumption of gold in electronics increased by about 13 percent. Gold is essential in electronics – and ideal for small components – due to its high electrical conductivity and its resistance to tarnishing. On average, a computer contains 0.2 grams of gold. And... Read More

New Mines for Indiana

The reopening of mines paves the way for increased production and new employment, particularly in small communities. This is why we celebrate Hallador Energy’s restarting of the Freelandville surface mine and beginning new work on the Prosperity mine, both in Indiana. Reclamation efforts are beginning... Read More

New Supply Chains to Support America

There’s growing concern around the battery supply chain, and for good reason: the minerals that are fundamental to batteries are in astronomically growing demand with few existing domestic producers despite robust resources. That’s why efforts have been put forward to not only mine more minerals domestically,... Read More

Leading the Way to a Sustainable Future

Sustainability is a crucial pillar of mining, from the producers to the equipment manufacturers. That’s why companies like Draslovka are investing in green technologies. Currently the world’s largest supplier of sodium cyanide to the gold mining industry, Draslovka is also investing in its patented Glycine... Read More