Electronics for a Modern Military

In the first nine months of 2021, global consumption of gold in electronics increased by about 13 percent. Gold is essential in electronics – and ideal for small components – due to its high electrical conductivity and its resistance to tarnishing. On average, a computer contains 0.2 grams of gold. And with our modern military, electronics are essential to the mission, and therefore so is gold.

As the U.S. develops and manufactures new military technology, it is important to source the materials, like gold, here in the U.S. Orla Mining is a gold producer that operates in North America, and its South Railroad Project is located in Elko County, Nevada. The project is currently in the feasibility stage, a planning stage when the details of the mine’s potential are explored. The U.S. must secure domestic supply chains to support troop efforts, and supporting new mines is the best path ahead.