Rio Tinto: Reinforcing and Rebuilding American Infrastructure

Many copper deposits contain molybdenum, and Rio Tinto’s Kennecott Bingham Canyon Mine is no exception. At the Utah operation, a froth flotation process is used to separate molybdenum, copper, gold and silver minerals. The molybdenum concentrate is then filtered, dried and packaged to be shipped to... Read More

Hecla: Reinvigorating Local Economies Through Education and Training

Hecla Mining Company is hard at work training the next generation of job seekers in Alaska. The company, which owns and operates Greens Creek mine in southeast part of the state, has partnered with the University of Alaska Southeast (UAS) to embark on an educational program that trains local high school... Read More

Barrick Gold: Advancing Digital Mining Maintenance

Barrick is undergoing an impressive digital transformation and leading the development of a cutting-edge Asset Health tool designed with mechanics and shop supervisors in mind. At Barrick, the days of running around trying to collect and verify data needed for maintenance work will soon be over. Through... Read More

North American Coal: Leading the Industry in Mine Safety Excellence

North American Coal believes that the health and safety of all employees directly relates to its business success. As a result, safety is North American Coal’s top priority in everything it does. The company has established itself as an industry leader in mining safety − having consistently achieved... Read More