2024 New Year’s Resolution? Support Domestic Mining

We are living in the most mineral-intensive time in human history. Electric vehicles (EVs), handheld electronics, computers, solar panels and wind turbines all depend on a wide range of minerals for their construction and operation. Over the holidays, many of the holiday gifts we unwrapped simply wouldn’t... Read More

Building America’s Energy Future with Domestic Copper

The global minerals race continues to tear full speed ahead. Demand is surging for a wide variety of essential minerals and now the metal at the very heart of electrification is getting its due. Copper has been recognized as a critical material by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and its shaky supply... Read More

The Mine Permitting Challenge

To deploy a suite of advanced technologies that are capable of dramatically reducing global emissions, we will see a 1,000% increase in mineral usage by 2050. Think about that for a moment. That statistic is staggering, especially if you consider our reliance on foreign minerals to meet current demand.... Read More