The Future of Mining Rests on the Actions of Today

For decades, the U.S. has been grappling with its overreliance on foreign countries for minerals, and how an unwieldly mine permitting process handicaps our ability to meet our mineral needs with domestic resources. We are now at an inflection point where we must address this issue, and the skyrocketing... Read More

Mine Permitting is the Foundation of the Supply Chain

Over the last two years, with the effects of shortages being felt in our daily lives, the American supply chain has been thrust into the spotlight. More than ever before, Americans are considering how many elements go into the products we use every day and where those products are sourced from. Minerals... Read More

Defense Production Act – What Does it Mean for Minerals?

Minerals are critical to energy – the building blocks for a range of advanced energy technologies – but they are also critical to national security.   In an effort to reduce the United States’ reliance on China and other adversarial nations for battery materials, President Biden invoked the Defense... Read More