Poker Flats Restoration in Alaska

In September 2021, Alaska’s Department of Natural Resources determined that Usibelli Coal Mine kept its promise of 40 years: the Poker Flats area near Healy, Alaska, has been successfully restored. “In successfully achieving Phase III bond release, Usibelli has demonstrated the fundamental strength... Read More

Rare Earths to Develop Defense Projects

Rare earth minerals or elements, a group of 17 different metals, are critical to defense, and can be found in lasers, precision-guided weapons, fuel cells, magnets for motors and other devices. That’s why the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) created the Environmental Microbes as a BioEngineering... Read More

Copper’s Versatile and Essential Role

Copper is essential to our modern way of life, particularly for its role in infrastructure. For energy generation, literal tonnes of copper are used in solar panels (5.0 tonnes), onshore wind farms (4.3 tonnes) and offshore wind farms (9.6 tonnes). Copper is used to power our grid through 5G networks,... Read More

Working to Meet the Demand for Coal

In a time when natural gas prices are skyrocketing, coal provides the much-needed flexibility the U.S. grid needs to keep electricity prices affordable. Coal demand is currently high as the nation recovers from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s not hard to understand why. Coal is plentiful,... Read More

Top Safety Performance Recognized in Nevada

Safety is paramount in mining, and that’s why there are multiple awards celebrating outstanding performance in the category of safety. The Nevada Mining Association (NVMA) recognizes individual miners and operations for the previous calendar year. This year, the NVMA Individual Safety Awards honored... Read More

Better Batteries for Tomorrow’s Roads

As our transportation sector includes a greater number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the roads, it’s important that we secure our supply chains to ensure we have the materials needed to make them. Nickel is a key component of EV batteries, and for good reason. Nickel in lithium-ion batteries gives a... Read More