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LinkedIn Blog: National Miners Day

As we approach National Miners Day on Dec. 6, we acknowledge the sacrifices of our nation’s miners and their contributions to nearly every facet of our lives. While many things remain a constant within the industry, much has changed as well. For as long as American industry has existed, Americans... Read More

LinkedIn Blog: Manufacturing Month Depends on U.S. Mining

Each October, leaders across the manufacturing supply chain mark Manufacturing Month. It is a time to reflect on the state of American-made goods, economic health and to prepare for challenges to come. In recent years, efforts to reshore U.S. jobs and facilities have led to a manufacturing renaissance.... Read More

LinkedIn Blog: Rebuilding America with American Products

Earlier this month, the president signed an executive order on “Establishing Discipline and Accountability in the Environmental Review and Permitting Process for Infrastructure” to work towards improving America’s infrastructure. A revitalized infrastructure supports a stronger economy and a more... Read More

LinkedIn Blog: Made in America, Mining in America

Earlier this month, President Trump hosted a Made in America Product Showcase. “We want to build, create, and grow more products in our country using American labor, American goods and American grit,” the President said. “We will protect our workers, promote our industry and be proud of our history... Read More

LinkedIn Blog: A New Era of American Energy Has Begun

As Vice President Pence noted over the weekend, a new era of American energy has begun. A year ago, the thought of 30 coal miners being welcomed into the EPA, alongside our president, EPA administrator and our Energy secretary would have been inconceivable. This week, it happened as members of our... Read More

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