Strengthening the U.S. Economy

The strength and future health of the U.S. economy depends on mining, which provides the building blocks for the everyday American experience.

If you have turned on a light, entered a building, driven on a road, made a phone call, used a computer, or visited a doctor, then mining is part of your life.

Mining provides essential power and materials for nearly every industry and consumer product, and supplies low-cost, reliable fuel for homes and businesses across the country.

Mining supports nearly two million high-paying jobs and contributes to economic activity in every state.

Member Feature Story

Uranium Mines Go Into Production

The lifecycle of a mine is long, often with decades of preparation before production begins, so it is an occasion worth celebrating when mining successfully begins production. In December, it was announced that Energy Fuels commenced production at three of its permitted and developed uranium mines in... Read More

Strengthening the U.S. Economy

Recognition of Philanthropic Businesses

One testament to a strong business is its willingness to give back to the community. Improving the social and economic wellbeing of communities is a core part of smart business practices, and Nevada Gold Mines (NGM) has been recognized by two of Nevada’s leading business publications for its philanthropic... Read More

Metallurgical Coal Project Back on Track

The COVID-19 pandemic set back plans for many of us across the globe, so it’s exciting to hear about projects getting back on track. CONSOL Energy Inc. recently did just that, announcing the recommencement of its Itmann Metallurgical Coal Project and progress on construction of an onsite coal preparation... Read More

Coal Supports Economic Recovery

With electricity demand rebounding from pandemic lows, coal use is also on the rise. As countries reopen, more electricity will be needed, and coal is the reliable source to power the reviving economy. Coal’s reliability and affordability are a critical part of a varied fuel supply that can support a... Read More

New Met Coal Mines

Metallurgical coal, the coal used in steelmaking, is vital to industry, particularly as infrastructure projects begin in earnest. Fortunately, new mines are opening in the U.S. Ramaco Resources plans to open two new metallurgical coal mines which, at full production, are expected to add almost one million... Read More

Freeport McMoRan, Copper Wires the World

Copper is more important to our lives than ever before. This versatile metal is the basis for wiring that powers all our electronics, an essential for the work-from-home situation many of us have found ourselves in. Demand for copper is closely linked with the growth in heavy machinery; consumer products... Read More