Zero-Emissions Fuel for the Future

The First Movers Coalition is a global coalition of companies committed to creating early markets for clean technologies. Commitments for the first four sectors (aviation, shipping, steel and trucking) were launched in late 2021. Companies agree to use their purchasing power to support clean technologies in these sectors, and this year Rio Tinto made the commitment to join. Now more than 50 companies across five continents make up the coalition.

“As a member of the First Movers Coalition, we also look forward to building on our existing network of partnerships to support the development of new technologies to help power our way to a net-zero future,” said Rio Tinto Chief Commercial Officer Alf Barrios. Rio Tinto is making commitments to purchase more zero emissions fuel for its own shipping fleet and to make greater use of suppliers who use zero emission fuels in shipping and aviation. In addition, the company pledged to ensure a greater proportion of heavy haul trucks it acquires will be zero emissions. By working to lower emissions today, Rio Tinto is a part of a brighter future for the environment.