Supporting Uranium Projects

To supply energy to the grid, America needs a variety of energy sources, including coal, renewables, natural gas and nuclear power. Uranium, the material behind nuclear power, provides reliable and steady energy generation while also providing low greenhouse gas output. Nuclear power is efficient, producing a great quantity of energy from a small amount of material. We need nuclear power in our energy mix, and the uranium to support nuclear power should be sourced domestically whenever possible. That’s why we need to support existing and developing uranium mines.

Okapi Resources is developing three uranium projects in the U.S.: the Tallahassee Uranium Project, the Maybell Uranium Project and the Rattler Uranium Project. The Tallahassee Uranium Project, the company’s flagship, comprises five major uranium deposits in Colorado with a total resource of 49.8Mlbs. And the Rattler Uranium Project is located near the only operating conventional uranium mill in the U.S. Support for projects like those at Okapi Resources will ensure we have the reliable energy we need to power our homes and businesses precisely when we need it.