New Supply Chains to Support America

Sometimes, innovation isn’t about the product, but the process. Supply chains are a critical foundation of our economy and national security, and that’s why we need to find ways to secure our supply chains here at home. The White House is looking for ways to shift supply chains here to the U.S., particularly for minerals like rare-earths. And there’s good news in that department.

In September, American Resources Corporation announced that its subsidiary, ReElement Technologies LLC, signed a Memorandum of Understanding for offtake with USA Rare Earth Magnets, LLC to supply recycled, high-purity rare earth oxides for magnet manufacturing in Oklahoma. The Stillwater, Oklahoma facility will be the first fully domestic rare earth magnet manufacturer in the United States. These rare-earth oxides will be produced by ReElement Technologies using environmentally-safe methods to extract, separate and purify the minerals from fully domestic, recycled products such as wind turbines, electric vehicle motors, medical devices and e-waste. The magnets produced from these rare-earth oxides will be suitable for automotive, defense, medical and industrial applications across the U.S. and North America, where they are in high demand. Building domestic supply chains today ensures a strong future for the U.S. and its various industries.