Reclamationist of the Year

Reclamation, the process of returning mined land to the same or an improved state than it was prior to mining, is an important part of the mining process, which is why the American Society of Reclamations Sciences (ASRS) recognizes outstanding accomplishments in the field of reclamation. In 2022, Usibelli Coal Mine’s Rich Sivils was announced the recipient of the 2022 Reclamationist of the Year Award. The award is intended to recognize individuals demonstrating outstanding accomplishments in the practical application or evaluation of reclamation technology. Sivils, Reclamation Engineer at Usibelli, earned this award for planning and executing the mine’s reclamation efforts, and in 2021, he helped Usibelli attain Phase III bond release for 367 acres of lands at Poker Flats.

“It’s an honor to receive this award from my peers at ASRS. I am fortunate to work with several hard-working individuals who have helped make our reclamation plan so successful,” said Sivils. “While it takes decades to achieve Phase III bond release, and there were a number of reclamation engineers before me, it has been a highlight of my career to see the completion of such milestone.”