Supplying the Steel Industry

Six billions tons of steel have been used in the U.S. National Highway System, and more will be needed as the U.S. focus on infrastructure projects increases. Steel production requires metallurgical coal, which – along with iron ore – is essential in producing the new steel America relies on every day. On average, about 0.7 tons of metallurgical coal is needed to produce one ton of steel. Metallurgical coal – which is converted to coke before being loaded into a blast furnace – is used in nearly 75 percent of the world’s steel production.

Arch Resources is one of a number of metallurgical coal producers in the U.S., supplying high-quality metallurgical products across the country and across the globe. Arch and its subsidiaries operate four metallurgical mines in West Virginia, and is targeting the production of approximately 10 million tons of metallurgical coal annually beginning in 2022. In supporting the steel industry, Arch is supporting the renewal of U.S. infrastructure.