Usibelli Coal Mine, CORESafety Certified

Mine safety requires dedication, commitment and constant vigilance. One piece of the puzzle lies in the mine safety and health management system of the mine, which must be robust in order to safeguard every worker. CORESafety® is a framework that is built on a foundation of leadership and culture, and has proven effective in preventing accidents before they happen. In 2020, NMA member Usibelli Coal Mine (UCM) became CORESafety certified, a major step in assuring safety in its Alaska coal mine. Usibelli joins 10 other companies whose operations have been independently certified under NMA’s signature safety initiative.

The CORESafety framework has an objective of zero fatalities and a 50 percent reduction in mining’s injury rate within five years. Usibelli credits the system as part of its safety success. “CORESafety isn’t a program that expires, it’s a system that has become part of our culture,” said UCM president and CEO, Joe Usibelli Jr. “Recently, we set an all-time high safety record of 1085 days without a lost time incident – and that is because CORESafety is a part of our fabric.”

“We celebrate Usibelli’s dedication to safety,” said Rich Nolan, NMA President and CEO. “Participation in the CORESafety program has already helped companies across the industry increase safety awareness and vigilance, prioritizing the miners who we depend on for our modern way of life. Our CORESafety member companies are leaders in mining safety and health management, and Usibelli’s track record clearly shows leadership in this field.”