Peabody, Energy We Rely On

In the U.S., 28 percent of our electricity comes from coal-fired generation. This reliable fuel is one of America’s many abundant resources, and we are fortunate to have the coal mines and miners working each and every day to supply our power plants. There are currently 116,000 direct coal mining jobs within the U.S., and it’s these individuals employed by coal companies who ensure our power supply is secure.

Peabody Energy is one such coal company helping to keep our lights on. Peabody operated more than a dozen mines across the U.S. in 2019, from Illinois to Wyoming. Altogether, Peabody’s U.S. thermal mines produced 136.9 million tons of coal in 2019, enough to power 26 million homes for a month. America depends on our hardworking coal miners to power our lives every day.

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