J.R. Simplot, Expanding Operations

Even during an international pandemic, mines in the U.S. are expanding. Take J.R. Simplot. In July, the U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Bureau of Land Management approved the project to expand the Smoky Canyon open-pit phosphate mine in southeastern Idaho. This mine supplies ore to a processing facility... Read More

Freeport-McMoRan and Rio Tinto, The Copper Mark

Sustainability has a pivotal role to play in mining, as demonstrated by The Copper Mark, the first and only assurance framework of the copper industry which demonstrates responsible production practices and industry contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of sustainable production... Read More

Alliance Resource Partners, AI to Prevent Collisions

Imagine a world where a computer could prevent your vehicle from colliding with another. In mining, this is a real development. Alliance Resource Partners subsidiary Matrix Design Group has developed a system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to prevent collisions of mobile surface equipment, machines... Read More

Energy Fuels, Rare Earth Elements Recovery

Rare earth elements are frequently in the news, with little surprise. These minerals can be found in everything from smartphones to missile guidance systems. In fact, the U.S. has identified 35 metals and minerals crucial to the defense industrial base, including gallium (found in computer chips), praseodymium... Read More

Peabody, Energy We Rely On

In the U.S., 28 percent of our electricity comes from coal-fired generation. This reliable fuel is one of America’s many abundant resources, and we are fortunate to have the coal mines and miners working each and every day to supply our power plants. There are currently 116,000 direct coal mining jobs... Read More

Usibelli Coal Mine, CORESafety Certified

Mine safety requires dedication, commitment and constant vigilance. One piece of the puzzle lies in the mine safety and health management system of the mine, which must be robust in order to safeguard every worker. CORESafety® is a framework that is built on a foundation of leadership and culture, and... Read More

Twin Metals, Providing the Copper and Nickel We Need

Recently, Elon Musk of Tesla Inc. urged producers to mine more nickel, a critical component of electric cars. But more than nickel is needed to fully realize the potential for electric vehicles in America. Copper is an essential metal for not only the electric vehicle, but for the massive amount of infrastructure... Read More

NMA Statement on Inauguration

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Mining Association (NMA) today issued the following statement from Rich Nolan, President and CEO, on next week's Inauguration Day. “For more than 200 years, our nation has gathered peacefully on Inauguration Day under the leadership of thoughtful elected officials to... Read More