Barrick: Raising the Bar on Water Management and Environmental Stewardship

Barrick recognizes that water is a shared, vital and, in many places, scarce resource. It’s why the company strives to use only what it needs and reduce its impact on other water users in the communities in which Barrick operates.

As the company mines in increasingly remote areas with wide variations in climate and access to water, Barrick has worked hard to find new ways to meet water challenges. This is not only the responsible thing to do, it makes good business sense and it is consistent with the company’s core values.

This year, Barrick is implementing a new water management strategy to ensure it has the right talent, the right plans and the right resources in place to effectively manage water-related risks at all the company’s sites. Water management will be integrated into life-of-mine planning in a systematic way, and the water management team will work closely with operations and the company’s digital transformation team to integrate technology into all water management processes. The long-term goal is to develop successful site-based water stewardship that brings value to the company while protecting people, partners and the environment.

The development and implementation of the water management strategy is being overseen by Vice President of Water Management John McCartney. It’s about more than just compliance, water stewardship, says McCartney, is about genuinely caring for something that is vital to everyone in the community.