Nyrstar: Protecting our Infrastructure from Corrosion

With infrastructure development a national priority, the demand for metals and minerals will soar.

Galvanized steel is used extensively in various infrastructure projects around the world, including bridges, electricity and telecom towers and building structures. Zinc coatings provide a continuous, impervious metallic barrier that does not allow moisture to contact the steel, therefore significantly prolonging the product’s service life.

The Golden Gate Bridge, one of the world’s longest suspension bridges, used 88,000 tons of steel, while the new Tappan Zee Bridge, under construction just outside of New York City, requires 100,000 tons of steel. In fact, approximately 13 million tons of zinc is produced annually worldwide, with 60 percent of used for galvanizing.

Nyrstar is the biggest zinc producer in the world today. A market leader in quality, with a global presence in the Americas, Europe and Australia, providing its customers the benefit of a truly international, multi-regional partner.

Nyrstar’s Tennessee Mines produced 111,000 tons of zinc in concentrate in 2015, helping to provide valuable concentrates for metal production.

Nyrstar’s concentrates and products make a valuable difference to improving society. Zinc used for galvanizing supports faster and lower cost construction processes; is highly resistant to chemicals; and protects steel from decay, corrosion, termites, fire, wind, floods and earthquakes better than any other construction material.

Reenergizing the nation’s infrastructure will require massive amounts of raw materials like zinc. Fortunately, Nyrstar is working to meet that challenge.