For NMA, a New Administration and a New Congress Means a New Beginning

The U.S. mining industry looks forward to working with the Trump administration and the 115th Congress on a wide range of issues of mutual interest. Meeting the needs of the American people cannot be accomplished without a robust mining industry. And a robust mining industry is only possible with reasonable laws and regulations that balance costs with benefits in pursuit of realistic goals.

From infrastructure and energy to job creation and technological innovation, mining’s contributions are vital for addressing the nation’s priorities.

  • Improving the nation’s infrastructure and sustaining a strong national defense depend on minerals and metals mined on public and private land.
  • The world’s growing need for energy and our own reliance on a diverse energy supply argue strongly for policies that favor all domestic energy sources.
  • Continuing to raise global living standards and make further progress on environmental and health issues will require commercial deployment of advanced energy technologies powered by public and private investment.

These issues are part of the national agenda shared by the mining industry. America’s miners can contribute much to the solutions made possible by a new policy dialogue. With the world’s largest coal supply and a rich mineral endowment, we have the resources the new administration and Congress will need to build a stronger economy and provide better jobs.