NMA Supports Good Samaritan Bill to Accelerate Clean Up of Legacy Mines

National Mining Association (NMA) President and CEO Hal Quinn issued the following statement today in support of the “Locatable Minerals Claim Location and Maintenance Fees Act,” a bill by Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) scheduled for mark up this week by the House Natural Resources Committee:

“Subcommittee Chairman Doug Lamborn’s legislation, H.R. 3843, includes ‘Good Samaritan’ (Good Sam) provisions that are important to continuing progress in remediating thousands of abandoned legacy mines created before the advent of modern environmental laws and mining practices. His bill incorporates sensible solutions from previous Good Sam efforts that encourage mining companies and others with requisite expertise to clean up these legacy mines without fear of incurring additional legal liability.

“Unfortunately, because current law exposes Good Samaritans to new liability, mining companies are discouraged from volunteering their equipment, resources and engineering expertise to restore these sites. It is time to enact common-sense solutions that will help mitigate the problems associated with abandoned legacy mines.”