NMA Applauds Gov. Pence for Opposing EPA’s Costly Power Plan

National Mining Association (NMA) President and CEO Hal Quinn today applauded Indiana Gov. Mike Pence for his decision to reject the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan:

“Gov. Pence deserves the gratitude of all Hoosiers for his decision to reject EPA’s proposed costly power plan as wrong for Indiana, wrong for its families and wrong for its industries. By rejecting this ill-considered proposal, the governor has heeded warnings from energy experts that EPA’s plan to destroy more affordable sources of electricity will raise the state’s electricity costs, weaken the state’s power grid and lead to further job losses among the 26,000 Hoosiers employed by the coal industry and the thousands more whose jobs depend on it. Indiana relies on coal for 87 percent of its electricity; forcing more low-cost coal generation out of Indiana will make Hoosiers dangerously reliant on less reliable and more expensive sources of electricity.

“The governor’s decision not only protects Indiana’s economy. It also sends a message that states will not be forced to accept EPA regulatory policies that harm their citizens.”