Sierra Club-Bloomberg Campaign Raises Costs for Low and Fixed Income Americans

National Mining Association (NMA) President and CEO Hal Quinn commented as follows on reports that the Bloomberg Foundation will donate an additional $30 million to the Sierra Club’s campaign to shut down affordable sources of electricity generation:

“The Sierra Club today may thank the Bloomberg Foundation for an additional $30 million to fight affordable energy, but families across the country facing higher utility bills won’t be so grateful. Policies favored by the Sierra Club have already destroyed large portions of the nation’s most reliable sources of electricity generation, leaving consumers more dependent on fewer and costlier sources of electricity and a less reliable supply, leaving tens of thousands of Americans without jobs and low-income families plus those on fixed incomes with still higher bills to pay. There is no reason to celebrate raising costs for society’s most vulnerable. As pending regulations on carbon emissions shutter more power plants, studies have estimated America’s consumers could be paying an additional $366 billion to $407 billion. We can expect more of this after today’s announcement and also to be paying the bill for decades.”