NMA Responds to the President’s Address

National Mining Association (NMA) President and CEO Hal Quinn issued the following comment on the president’s 6th State of the Union address:


“The president’s desire to help working families, create better jobs and bring home American industries will not be served by policies that continue to raise household utility bills and wrap key industries in red tape.

“American industries seeking competitive economic conditions in their own country won’t find them in policies that make our electric grid less reliable and more costly. The 21st century infrastructure our nation needs will not be delivered through an outdated and inefficient system that requires mining companies to wait almost a decade for federal permits to produce the metals and minerals essential for every sector of our economy.

“To build a legacy that helps America succeed, let’s set our sights higher with balanced policies that assure our industries can compete successfully – policies that fully deploy all of our energy sources and supply our industries with domestic minerals and materials they need.”