NMA Urges EPA to Withdraw Its “Costly Power Plan”

More expensive, less reliable sources will drive up power prices, says NMA.

National Mining Association (NMA) President and CEO Hal Quinn today urged the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to withdraw its proposed Clean Power Plan. In the following statement, Quinn summarizes NMA’s comments on the agency’s proposal to reduce carbon emissions from coal power plants:

“The nation’s electric grid will become far less diverse and reliable, and far more costly, with this proposal to replace lower cost sources of electricity with more expensive and less reliable sources. In asking the states to implement this proposal, EPA is demanding their complicity in raising the cost of a vital energy source for all Americans.

“A growing chorus of experts – from grid managers and regulators to energy economists and utility executives – has warned EPA of the costly consequences for American households and industries from this reckless gamble with the nation’s grid. They find EPA’s proposal unrealistic, unworkable and dangerous. The plan would place at further risk the reliable functioning of an electricity grid that the agency has already seriously weakened with its earlier regulations.

“EPA’s costly power plan poses unacceptable risks. If the agency does not withdraw it, states should protect their citizens and reject it.”