In Arizona, mining and technology industries are linked

In a guest blog post on Minerals Make Life, Arizona Technology Council president and CEO Steven G. Zylstra Sc.D. (Hon.) discusses how access to minerals is vital for the high-tech industry in Arizona. See the post on the Minerals Make Life site here.Read More

National Miners Day 2013

In 2009, Congress proclaimed Dec. 6 as National Miners Day to celebrate the historic contributions America's miners have made to our country. It is no exaggeration to say that the coal, iron ore, copper and scores of other minerals and metals mined from Appalachia to the coastal West have provided the... Read More

Letter to EPA from Rep. Smith on NSPS Science

Chairman of House Science Committee writes to EPA Administrator highlighting "serious problems" with agency's use of science in NSPS for new plants. In letter to EPA's McCarthy, Rep. Lamar Smith calls for NSPS standards based in science, not politics and highlights "serious problems" by the EPA... Read More