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LinkedIn Blog: A New Era of American Energy Has Begun

As Vice President Pence noted over the weekend, a new era of American energy has begun. A year ago, the thought of 30 coal miners being welcomed into the EPA, alongside our president, EPA administrator and our Energy secretary would have been inconceivable. This week, it happened as members of our... Read More

Position on Energy

America has the world's largest reserves of recoverable coal, providing the country with nearly a 235-year supply of secure, affordable domestic energy. Its abundance accounts for why coal generates 35 percent of the nation's electricity — by far the largest share — and why coal remains the dominant... Read More

Sentinels of Safety Awards Remarks

Remarks of NMA President & CEO Hal Quinn at the 2012 Sentinels of Safety Awards dinner. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'm Hal Quinn, president and CEO of the National Mining Association. It's my pleasure to welcome you to the National Mining Association's Sentinels of Safety Awards. Let... Read More

Speech to the 2013 National Coal Mine Rescue Competition

Remarks of Hal Quinn, to the participants of the 2013 National Coal Mine Rescue Competition. Personally, it's a privilege to be here among so many dedicated people.  You represent that rare but essential quality of any true community –men and women who are sincerely dedicated to others -- to your... Read More

NMA Responds to Inspector General Report on Coal Leasing Program

The IG's report confirms that the federal leasing program is sound and contributes substantial net benefits to American taxpayers. In 2012, bonuses and royalties exceeded $2.4 billion and totaled $4.8 billion over the past three years. Importantly, and contrary to early media reports, the IG report... Read More

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