Dedication of ALPHA Natural Resources Running Right Leadership Academy

Remarks of Hal Quinn
President & CEO, National Mining Association
Julian, WV – JUNE 20, 2013


Thank you, Kevin, for the invitation to be here today and participate in an event that showcases the best of our industry.

Alpha’s Running Right Leadership Academy not only demonstrates the company’s commitment to the health and safety of its workforce. It also demonstrates the leadership that every industry needs — from companies like Alpha that set exemplary standards for others to follow and emulate.

If the world can be divided into leaders and followers, Alpha shows today why it is among the true leaders of our industry.

When we speak of leadership in the care and safety of our workforce, I think it begins with taking responsibility – accepting ownership for ensuring that our miners benefit from best in class training, technology and, most importantly, a true culture of safety—one built upon a foundation of shared commitment.

These are the fundamental principles of both Alpha’s Running Right philosophy and of NMA’s CORESafety initiative.

Both acknowledge that improving mine safety begins and ends with our industry building safety and health considerations deep within our thinking and all our actions.

It is no coincidence that NMA’s CORESafety initiative and Alpha’s Running Right framework are closely aligned. Kevin Crutchfield was part of the team of several leading industry chief executives that set the vision and formulated the expectations.

Other members of the Alpha family worked with NMA Sr. Vice President Bruce Watzman and industry peers to build-out a best in class management system in which the safety of our people is intrinsic to all the decisions we make in our operations.

Like Running Right, CORESafety reflects: a safety culture that is pro-active, not reactive. It analyzes and anticipates what should be done to safeguard miners with a systematic approach that identifies safety challenges –then applies the appropriate resources and measures to meet them.

This idea is beginning to take firm hold in American mining. NMA’s CORESafety program is only beginning its second year in its journey to zero incidents. But already we have seen how companies are adapting CORESafety modules – 20 in all — to match conditions specific to their operations.

Kevin, I understand that Alpha’s plans to make this extraordinary facility available to the entire industry. On behalf of the National Mining Association, I would like to extend our gratitude for this future opportunity. This gesture unmistakably demonstrates that safety is not a competition, but a core value—a commitment—one that we must all share.

Congratulations to the entire Alpha family.

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