Regulation Tracker

AgencyIssue DescriptionDate IssuedRulemaking StageStatus
EPAFinancial Responsibility Requirements under CERCLA 108(b) for Classes of Facilities in the Hardock Mining Industry1/11/2017ProposedComments Due Jan. 25, 2017
NMA Comment Extension Request Filed
Granted - Comments Due July 11, 2017
EPACO2 Regulations for Existing Power Plants under CAA Section 111(d)EJune 18, 2014ProposedComments Filed Dec. 1, 2014
Oct. 23, 2015Final Rule
Oct. 23, 2015Challenge Filed
Feb. 5, 2016NMA Application for a Stay from SCOTUS
Feb. 9, 2016Rule Stayed by Supreme Court
March 28, 2017President Issues Energy Independence Executive Order Rolling Back CPP
EPACO2 Regulations for New Power Plants under CAA Section 111(b)June 18, 2014ProposedComments Filed March 10, 2014
Oct. 23, 2015Final
Dec. 1, 2015Challenge FiledBriefing Complete - Oral Argument April 2017
EPA Rules Redefining the Clean Water Act term "Waters of the U.S." (WOTUS)April 21, 2014ProposedComments Filed Nov. 1, 2014
July 13, 2015Circuit Court Challenge Filed
Oct. 9, 2015Rule Stayed by 6th Circuit
Jan. 13, 2017Supreme Court Grants NMA Petition for Certiorari on Interim 509(b) Issue
March 6, 2017President Issues Executive Order Instructing EPA and the Corps to Review and as Necessary Rescind or Revise Rule

EPA's Notice of Intention to Review and Rescind or Revise the Clean Water Rule
EPANPDES Applications and Program Updates RuleMay 18, 2016ProposedComments Filed Aug. 2, 2016
EPATSCA Inventory Notification (Active-Inactive) Requirements

Jan. 13, 2017ProposedComments Filed on March 14, 2017
TSCA Procedures for Prioritization of Chemicals for Risk Evaluation under TSCAJan. 17, 2017ProposedComments Filed on March 20, 2017
TSCA Procedures for Chemical Risk Evaluation Under the Amended TSCAJan. 19, 2017ProposedComments Filed on March 20, 2017
DOIOffice of Natural Resources Revenue Coal Valuation Rule Jan. 6, 2015ProposedComments Filed May 8, 2015
July 1, 2016Final
Dec. 29, 2016Challenge Filed
Feb. 17, 2017NMA Petition to Postpone Effective Date
Feb. 22, 2017Granted
DOICoal Leasing Moratorium/Programmatic Environmental Impact StatementJan. 15, 2016Secretarial Order Issued
March 24, 2016PEIS Scoping NoticeComments Filed July 28, 2016
Jan. 11, 2017Scoping Report Issued
March 28, 2017President Issues Energy Independence Executive Order Lifting Moratorium
DOIStream Protection RuleJuly 27, 2015ProposedComments Filed Oct. 26, 2015
Dec. 20, 2016Final
Jan. 31, 2017Challenge Filed
Feb. 16, 2017HJ Res. 38 Signed into Law Repealing Regulation

SPR CRA Public Law Number
DOIWithdrawal of 10 Million Acres of Public Lands from New Mining ActivitySept. 2, 2015ProposedComments Filed Dec. 18, 2015
Dec. 30, 2015Draft EIS PublishedComments Filed March 28, 2017
DOIResource Management Planning (Planning 2.0) RuleFeb. 25, 2016ProposedComments Filed May 25, 2016
Dec. 13, 2016Final
March 7, 2017HJ Res. 44 to Repeal Rule Under the Congressional Review Act Sent to the President for Signature
DOLPattern of ViolationsFeb. 2, 2011ProposedComments Filed April 18, 2011
Jan. 23, 2013Final
Nov. 5, 2013NMA Filed Request for Emergency Stay
Nov. 26, 2013Denied
Dec. 16, 2014District Court Challenge FiledBriefing Underway
DOLExaminations in Metal and Nonmetal MinesJune 8, 2016ProposedComments Filed Sept. 30, 2016
Jan. 23, 2017Final
March 17, 2017Challenge FiledPetition for Review Filed March 17, 2017
March 27, 2017Proposed extension of effective date Comments Due April 28, 2017